Original Windy Acres …

… in Victor, New York.  This is shot looking down the main drive towards the front of the house.  My father had to snowblow that drive in the winter, as it was 200 feet long out to the road.  And Victor, New York gets a lot of snow.

My father adds:

“We had 7 acres in Windy Acres, and I mowed about half that with a trusty 20 HP John Deere hydrostatic with a 60″ cut. In the winter we swapped the mower with a 60″ snow blower. We needed that, the driveway was 200 feet long to the road. We had a snow blade attachment, but it was not very efficient. Could not push much heavy snow, even with the tires loaded and wheel weights. We just used the blower and tried, not always successfully, to turn the chute to blow the snow away from the tractor driver.”

The barn would be off to your left.  There was also U.S. Flag mounted on a 30′ pole in the front left.


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