About This Weather Station

The station is powered by a Ambient WS-1002-WiFi weather station reporting to Wundergound and Ambient networks. The WS-1002-WiFi uses a super capacitor for energy storage, and is charged by the solar collector in the day, and non-rechargeable batteries at night. It transmits 915MHz from the outdoor sensor array and indoor temperature sensor to the display console. The display console sends and receives internet data using WiFi connectivity.

The station transmits outdoor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, UV and solar radiation from the all-in-one sensor array. The OBSERVER also transmits indoor temperature, humidity and barometric pressure from the indoor temperature array. You also get dew point and rainfall rate, and a graph provides detailed trends for barometer, temperature and humidity. The all-in-one sensor array features a pagoda thermo-hygrometer radiation shield with passive aspiration for the upmost accuracy, a bubble level for plumb installation, and a solar panel. The menu based multi-screen display includes NIST internet time server synchronization, imperial and metric units of measure, high and low alarm conditions with audible alert, calibration of all major parameters, real-time internet weather publishing by Wunderground.com, and encrypted WiFi transmission. The unit displays minimum and maximum conditions with time and date stamp, historical archived data, which can be exported to an SD Card. The SD Card is also used for firmware updates.

The full color TFT LCD full color display is easy to read, day or night. The attractively thin desktop display is also wall mountable and includes an AC adaptor, and features automatically controlled brightness settings based on time of day. Includes an AC adaptor. Displays sunrise, sunset and moon phase.

This site and its data is displayed using Sarasota-Weather scripts and templates courtesy Ken True and its data is collected using the Ambient API.